Have you ever felt all-that-you-are?

I needed about 40 years in the dual world until I finally woke up and opened up to all that I AM.

It was the most amazing journey of all my lifetimes. It let me dive deep into my Self. I reconneceted to my soul, my consciousness, my I AM presence. My senses opened up beyond my human senses into my consciousness sense, wich is simply the knowingness as a Master. When I first felt the connection to my soul, I burst into tears, so deeply I felt touched by my Self. It gave me peace, trust in my Self and I finally felt safe in this world.

Walking as all-that-you-are means walking Earth as a Master and living more intensely than ever.
I have travelled three times alone in Africa as a lady since and I was always safe, because that was what I chose.

Look for your true Self


Create your life as a Master
Realizing all-that-you are means going beyond being a victim. You take responsability for your own life and choose consciously what you want it to be like. It is the most fulfilling experience.

Human experience ./. All-that-you-are
Human experiences are linear. We live within a frame of beliefs what is possible and what is not possible. These make our experiences limited, based on input and output and generally with effort. Whereas human experiences are lead by the mind, Masters are lead by their intuition and inner knowingness.
The experience in free consciousness is exponential and expanding, unlimited and with ease and grace, if you so choose.

Are you ready for change in your life?
Choosing to be all-that-you-are will bring change into your life. It needs courage and there are challenging times of transformation. On your way you will integrate all experiences and all aspects of yourself. It is like a big family union of your soul and even the unloved want to come in, especially those.
Instead of playing just a limited role as parent, employee, lover, friend etc., you realize that you are all roles and you can act out any role of consciousness.

You want to be human and all-that-you-are and be really really alive?
I offer inspiration and guidance on your way.

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Looking forward to meeting the Master who you really are

In honour



Mira Maria Mandelartz

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